To have loved and was loved by you

cheap nike nfl jerseys In 1, two people together for a long time, as the left and right, even if love will no longer choose Xiangshou, because so many years to give up time takes a lot of courage. Perhaps life will appear in the person you love, but it is always a guest, you will hold your left hand or right hand has been down, it really has nothing to do with love.
Inspiration: " hand in hand, and the sub-harmonic old ". It is the oath, then liability, then the habit.
2, some people you see a child neglect for a lifetime, some people just look at it affects your life, some people warm and happy for you but your cold, some people let you have a short but happy to get your chain of thoughts, some people only one party is willing for the years N but you rejected the N years, some people no one expression has become the eternal yearning, this is the life.
Inspiration: the reason why different types of " others ", because he ( she ) into your sight time and in different environments. Only in proper time and proper environment into your sight to go into your heart. cheap nfl t-shirts
3, it is really sad, tears are false, no perseverance; one hundred years ago, you don't know me, I don't know you; that is true, who is a fake, not causal; after one hundred years, no you, no I.
Inspiration: sorrow and tears are real, but differences between intrinsic and extrinsic, intangible and tangible.
4, do not because of loneliness and love the wrong person, do not love the wrong people because of loneliness, try to trust to get happiness. Fate is the book, turn the casual miss, read too seriously can shed tears.
Inspiration : the fate is the power power in the arrangement, unpredictable, can not be sedulous pursuit. Nice cover book easy to attract people 's eyeball, but worth the taste and the collection is not much; blood, to a person often do not have the time and money to do the decoration; many books from form to content are dull as ditch water appear trite and insignificant, but really life is a.
In 5, a woman will remember to let her smile of a man, the man will remember him crying woman, but woman always stay to let her cry of man, man stayed made him laugh woman.
Inspiration: cry or laugh is to reveal the truth. But for most of us, laughing is better than crying.
6, why should a lifetime to forget someone, because, you do not try to forget, but always remember, in looking forward, in the dream! cheap college football jerseys
Inspiration: forget, can't forget, let it occupies a position in the heart, but not all.
7, to be able to cry, crying is began to heal symbol.
Inspiration: just don't cry for too long, the wound scab to get wet again infection.
8, in the world of love, not who I am sorry who, only who does not know how to cherish.
Inspiration: should treasure is not only each other, but their feelings. To cherish the people you love, don't need him ( her ) to say sorry, you must take the initiative to say "I'm sorry ".
In 9, however, a person is not always right fall excuse, the more love, more is to love yourself.
Inspiration: Marx he was wrong, you should say: had only to the liberation of their own, to the liberation of all mankind.
10, can say the grievance will not be wronged, the lover can be stolen is not love.
Inspiration: don't say the grievance would be wronged themselves, not let don't love your people will not love you.
In 11, a woman must play through the lies, since by the perfunctory, can live to deceive, forget promises, put down everything with a smile to disguise himself, would rather believe that there is a ghost in the world, don't believe a man 's mouth.
Inspiration: if so, will never be lonely woman.
12, men like onions, if you want to see the onion will need a layer to peel, but you in peeling process will continue in tears, only to find out in the end peeling onions have no heart.
Inspiration: the woman is like a rose, not the last petal expansion, you don't see her heart.
In 13, road distance does not represent the distance from the heart, there are few phone does not mean less concerned about, not often meet more does not mean there is no missing, busy days will cherish this concern.
Inspiration: love is a beautiful myth. Newton is recognized as a scientist, he will tell you the gravity and distance relations.
14, I never liked to let others see my tears, I would rather let others feel happy again, also did not want to make himself look wronged the poor.
Inspiration: I don't want you not happy when I am happy, I don't want him ( she ) is happy for my happiness.
15, love is a strangers become lovers, and turns the lover stranger's game.
Inspiration: love does not equal to love, love is not a game.
16, when you give up. Also must bear the more things, including your words do not regret to give up.
Inspiration: in the give up give up will regret, in the give up don't give up will regret it. Do anything to pay cost, the biggest cost is not the money and time, but a chance.
17, some things, when we were young do not know, when we know the time is no longer young. There are some things can be compensated, some things never compensate.
Inspiration: in the growing maturity, in the maturation of aging. Comply with the nature, smile to life. Not early, not failure.
In 18, the love of my life, in the next world even a trace will not leave. People in love, to hold her hand, my next life, you will no longer be her. The next life, if you remember their loved one?
Inspiration: the ideal setting for a couple in love to be sincere, not devout Temple green light.
19, two stars could never meet, so we are shooting stars, we meet, we collide. But, as a meteor, doomed to die.
Inspiration: May the love is like the stars, let the tears just meteor.
20, give me a hand, let you rely on, give me the eyes, to send you away, just like the butterfly flies the sea, who bear no blame, give me a moment of love, to you, give me a lifetime, to send you away.
Inspiration: hand love hand don't hold back, look at the eyes do not confuse love, love heart not cooling, true love never leave.
21, if there is such a person, he is in your heart, perfect, without a trace of regret, you desire and fear to him, it is not " love ", but " worship ".
Inspiration: worship you people, you can only do his slaves, could not do his lover.
22, love a person does not have to be together with him, like Provence are not necessarily have to bare feet walking in the lavender field.
Inspiration: only one Platon, people can not learn, advise you don't learn.
In 23, after break up can't become the friend, because hurt each other. After break up can't become the enemy, because the love each other too. So we become the most familiar strangers.
Inspiration: Hiroshima is not only the atomic bomb and romance.
24, others fear to see parting, I am afraid to see again, and tears turned into diamonds, and other romantic became the reason, and suddenly dreams of oath, thought that saw, love will never die, because that was the year we are all children of fling caution to the winds. Now finally understand that some people like you, could also have to give up.
Inspiration: there is a direct call rashness, have a kind of persistence that paranoid.
24, human tears represents kindness, ghost tears means rebirth, the angel's tears on behalf of mortality of love.
Inspiration: some people are actors, some people is the crocodile. True tears from the bottom of my heart, eyes just one outlet.
25, many things as remote and beautiful, can the pursuit of desire away, many things, because of beautiful and so far, only helpless sigh.
Inspiration: not as remote and give up, just to give up and far away.
26, the piano key in the evening is lonely, back and forth only very clumsy hands, with stubborn I, don't stop playing non-stop. Think of him singing to you softly, I will sad smile, can give you protection instead of taking care of me, this is my last wish, thank you for your ending cruelty, thank you for loving me, thank you for your temperature memory at first, thank you for making me happy ... ...
Inspiration: classical mood, not classical language.
27, I love you, but I dare not say; I'm afraid to say, I will die; I do not fear death, I'm afraid I die, no one loves you like I do.
Inspiration: dare I don't love you, because I am afraid no one will love you like I do; I can't love you, because I am afraid you won't like I love you love me.
28, remember what you should remember, forget what you should forget, the change can change, acceptance can not be changed.
Inspiration: really in the heart, never need to remember, because never forget. Don't try to change others, really can only change myself.
29, in addition to scour all the tears, that is time to time, goes to the feelings, the longer the conflict, the more light, as if constantly diluted tea.
Inspiration: time is thinner, the tears are corrosion agent.
30, some things we can not control themselves, they control their own.
Inspiration : to control the environment, to control their own.
31, I don't know what I do now is right, who is wrong, and when I finally when I know these. So now I have to try to do well in everything, and then wait to die a natural death.
Inspiration: treat each person, seriously do every thing, until the finite termination of life.