A short history of leather motorcycle jacket

A short history of leather motorcycle jacket
In the United States, http://www.parajumpersnorgeltd.com each Schott New York jacket with a story, has been written in the last 90 years, four generations Schotts, two world wars, 22 President, a king, http://www.parajumpersoutlet.net a us love and blow open roads and the wind in your face and your troubles behind you.

This model is a T in 1913 and introduced in streets become crowded in New York city.While two Russian immigrant, brother, Parajumpers Jakker come up with an idea and follow their own a big dream.Jack and Michael Owen Schott start raincoat and sell their door to door in New York city.

By more than 20 years old, and babe Ruth and Al Capone is record breaking all the headlines, break the law, Schott New York their headlines is based on our dress for outdoor when they are first put the zipper in a jacket.

In his mind to innovation and rapid development of successful desire Irving and then set his sights on leather, leather motorcycle jacket is concrete.Our society is changing, PJS Jacken Sale and we watched the public roads and motorcycles and romantic dreams.In 1928 made the first leather Schott brother motorcycle jacket.The initial price is $5.50!Wow, The Times are different!They named it "cigars", it still is today.The durable and rugged jacket was soon made into a cult fashion statement, today.A new generation of "bicycle" doing a statement and Schott leather motorcycle jacket is a leading spokesman.

American life once again interrupted the outbreak of the second world war.The U.S. air force entrust Schott to produce a "short jacket" leaflets over enemy territory.The cold air flight height more than Europe and the Pacific Ocean and.The leather jacket cold and blockade combat wind Parajumpers Adirondack.Schott navy pea jacket and a warm rugged soldiers provide coat let them away from the weather and conditions in the sea.Schott continue to produce these leather and wool pea coat of American military 60 years.

By 1954 the end of the war, South Korea is a focus, and the United States are back in full swing."Wild" premiere, become a classic.Sports car, rock and new America combined with leaders such as marlon brando and James dean."Schott cigars" leather jacket core fashionable "hood" and motorcycle social group, as the center.Although jacket be banned in all parts of the country school systems, they inevitably win, and is still the mainstay, motorcycle dress today.

In the past 50 years Schott New York city have already seen the new leadership and sustained growth.Style and product have changed, Parajumpers Gobi Jacken Frauen and some remain unchanged, because the material is modern, change and fashionable style come and go.Schott accessories can be found everywhere, and now found all over the world.

Schott New York is committed to quality of thought, personality and American spirit.We will continue in our heart of the American dream, hope everyone to buy Schott leather jacket in order to realize the quality we promote and enjoy.

Our family four generations thank you appreciate our passion.